Breath-Body-Mind at AVEGA Impinganzima Hostels

The Ituze Center has partnered with AVEGA (Association des Veuves du Genocide Agahoza) since September 2019 to teach Breath-Body-Mind in four hostels for elderly genocide survivors. We offer weekly classes in Huye, Nyanza, Nyamata, and monthly two-day workshops in Rusizi. These classes are helping the residents to overcome many of the symptoms of PTSD including feelings of isolation, trouble sleeping, dissociation, anxiety, and depression.

We have also offered trainings for the counselors and psychologists of the Impinganzima hostels in teaching Breath-Body-Mind to empower them to reinforce the work we do between our visits.


Yoga at Talking Through Art

Since September 2018, we have taught weekly yoga classes at Talking Through Art, a non-profit organization in Gikondo which provides vocational training in traditional basket weaving to people with disabilities. TTA also provides art therapy, English classes, family planning, and other life skill classes like yoga, all in an effort to build confidence of their members, strengthen their self-esteem, and help them become independent and active participants of the Rwandan society.


Yoga at Les Enfants de Dieu

Les Enfants de Dieu is an organization devoted to the rehabilitation of street kids in Kigali. Their key objectives are:

  1. To protect street children and alleviate their poverty;
  2. To rehabilitate these vulnerable children by caring for and strengthening their physical and mental health; and
  3. To reintegrate these youth back into society by providing them with education and vocational training, by helping them to find jobs upon graduation, and by working closely with their families (if possible) as well as local government and community leaders.

Instructors from Ituze give weekly classes in Power Yoga to the kids and to any caretakers who wish to participate. We also provide sessions in Breath-Body-Mind to the staff of Les Enfants de Dieu in order to support their well-being and the important work they are doing to help this most vulnerable population.


Yoga at the Comfort Primary School

Instructors from Ituze offer weekly classes in yoga and mindfulness to over a hundred primary school children from grades 1-6 at the Comfort Primary School in Kanombe, which is dedicated to educating Rwanda’s vulnerable children (street kids, orphans and children living in poverty).

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Ituze instructors offered sessions in Breath-Body-Mind for employees of the Kigali Genocide Memorial in the week prior to the 2019 commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.


Partnerships with universities in Rwanda

Ituze instructors have led classes in yoga, mindfulness and Breath-Body-Mind at the Africa Leadership University, the Akilah Institute, and the Univeristy of Rwanda in Butare. We are hoping to expand these offerings at the University of Kigali and the University of Global Health Equity.