Aline MAZIMPAKA holds a degree in Social Work from the former National University of Rwanda (Butare). Aline has a 200-hr certification from Africa Yoga Project, 200-hr certification from Zanzi yoga, 300-hr Jivamukti certification, 40-hr prenatal yoga from Shanti Uganda, and she completed a meditation training in Thailand under World Peace. She has been manager of the Ituze Center since April 2019.


Joseph DUSHIMIMANA holds a degree in Sociology from the former National University of Rwanda (Butare). He graduated from the 3-year Africa Yoga Project Academy Program in Nairobi Kenya and is certified by the Batiste Institute of Power Yoga. Joseph is a certified Level I Breath-Body-Mind instructor and has also participated in a research workshop at the Uganda Buddhist Centre in Entebbe. He holds a Black Belt, first dan in Wado-Ryu style Karate. He is a Resident Instructor at the Ituze Mindfulness and Yoga Center.


Dr. Cecilia BEACH is a yoga instructor with 500-hr certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts ( She has completed completed Level I certification in Integral Yoga Therapy with Joseph Le Page, a workshop in Prison Yoga with James Fox, and Level III certification in Breath-Body-Mind, and the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher Training program. She has been a professor at Alfred University in New York since 1997 and is currently a Resident Instructor at the Ituze Mindfulness and Yoga Center.

Djuma MANIRAKIZA, originally from Burundi. He is a Kundalini yoga teacher certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, USA. In 2019, the 3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) honored him as one of the 3HO50 luminaries who live lives of service that inspires and spreads Kundalini yoga to undeserved populations. Djuma started Kundalini Yoga practices in his country Burundi in 2013 with Anthe Vrijlandt and Sat Sansar Singh, he became the lover of Kundalini Yoga technology, the lover of Kundalini mantras (Aquarian songs). He was trained by four international Kundalini Yoga trainers such as Harbhajan Singh from South Africa, Pritam Khalsa Kaur from South Africa, Ram Singh from France and Sat Darshan Singh Cristophe from Belgium.

Nikhil holds an MBA from Mumbai university and he came to spirituality in Mumbai in 2005 when he met Sri Sri Ravishankarji. He has worked with many multinational companies and 2009 he become an Art of living teacher, teaching breathing techniques and yoga, meditation. He was the first Art of Living teacher in his District in India as well as in Kigali. For the last 7 years, he has been conducting regular classes in Rwanda for people of all age groups and income groups.