Participant in Mindful leadership and emotional intelligence training

This training was AMAZING! I’d recommend it for every team and leader in the organisation. The ability to shut off from work and focus on personal mindfulness, leadership, and emotional intelligence should be a requirement at [our organization]. I loved how the meditations were incorporated into the training to teach the ‘practice’. Brilliant overall!


I believe the classes with Cecilia have been the most continuous ones I have ever had. Each morning there was a class I got up with such positive emotions that contributed to the fact of never wanting to miss a class. I have tried different types of yoga in different places but Cecilia actually taught […]


My second day in Rwanda and the morning started off great. I arrived at the beautiful mindfulness and yoga centre for a Breath-Body-Mind workshop. It’s not just a beautiful place. I loved meeting great people here too, warm, welcoming, and insightful. I look forward to a good time for the remaining days. Someone already told […]


Very welcoming space. Joseph led the class with vigor, enthusiasm, and confidence. He created a space that was peaceful, open, and safe. This is its magic, because it is something we need more of in this world.