Meet guest instructor Celestin TWIRINGIYIMANA

“I’m Celestin TWIRINGIYIMANA , an Intern Dr and Yoga instructor since 2y years ago. I’ve been practicing Yoga last 5 years. I never ask when, how or why, when I’m doing what I like. I just move forward. Yoga taught me flexibility both physically and mentally, to let go my past painful experiences which hold me back and enjoy present moment. Life showed me that regardless of how painful is the truth, it’s always a good remedy due to it’s healing power without leaving a Scar. Therefore I decided to be honest to myself and others. Would you mind to join US??? Most welcome. In Yoga it’s all about Breath and sensation, come and share your Energy and let go… Stress, anxiety, tension and pain. God bless.. Be happy… Namaste”

Celestin will be teaching Power Yoga at 9:30 am on Sunday February 23.